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htxt.africast – Activision Blizzard’s troubling new scandal

As July 2021 finally ends we have another edition of the africast to cap off the month but the main topic this week is unfortunately a dire one as Activision Blizzard is brought to bear for its alleged shocking mistreatment of its employees. 

Before that heavy topic let’s talk news starting the PlayStation 5 and Sony announcing that it has moved 10 million units of the console making it the fastest selling PlayStation to date, a feat made more impressive by the fact that it’s never in stock and the pandemic has caused innumerous problems with making and distributing a new console. 

Next up is Scarlett Johansson who is suing Disney for its handling of Black Widow. This isn’t some publicity stunt or money grab as the outcome of this case could have massive repercussions for the future of streaming movies and the compensation of the people who make them. 

Finally for news the Olympic Games are here and, with them, scammers are once again rolling out new schemes to separate people from their money. 

Back to Activision Blizzard and it has been accused of widespread sexual harassment in a lawsuit. Thankfully the endless newscycle didn’t move right past this one as, since the lawsuit was announced, a lot has been happening that will hopefully condemn the company. From screenshots of troubling chats, more employees coming forward and something called the “Cosby Suite”, hopefully something will happen to stop this in the future. 

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