htxt.africast – Government internet blocks and you

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It has been a difficult few days in South Africa recently which we will only be touching on tangentially in this africast, as we look at the possibility of some kind of government-imposed internet crackdown.

But first let’s talk news starting with Apple and its App Tracking Transparency (ATT). This new focus on allowing users to opt out of specific ad tracking has lead to users opting out most of the time. Advertisers aren’t happy with that and are pointing out that the adverts we do see at the end of the day won’t be relevant to us.

Next is Valve which has, in a bit of a surprise, jumped back into hardware with the Steam Deck handheld PC. This makes Valve arguably the biggest company to back this growing market of gaming machines and it will be interesting to see if it actually supports this in the long term unlike other discontinued projects. Cough cough Steam Machines, cough cough Steam Controller cough cough we really need a throat lozenge.

Finally for news it’s Xiaomi making massive jumps in growth when it comes to shipped devices as Huawei drops out of favour as it’s still locked out of Android proper. Other big names like Apple and Samsung have shown little growth while Xiaomi and other Chinese companies pick up the slack. A sign of the times or simple down to the pandemic disrupting things?

Out main topic this week is the possible situation we could find ourselves in if the government decides to censor the internet in some way or block access to it which has happened in several African countries already. This isn’t meant to be alarmist, and government has not said it has plans to do so, but it’s always worth being prepared especially as there are some things you can prepare for if it should happen.

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