htxt.africast – Most anticipated games before the end of 2021

More than half of 2021 has already passed and a lot of important games originally planned for this year have been delayed into 2022. Despite that the year still has a lot of big hitters to be released before we ring in the New Year, so let’s discuss those in this edition of the africast.

Before that though, let’s talk about the news, first starting with something interesting if it manages to succeed: a South African high school that will take place entirely online from UCT. Schooling of every level moved online in some degree during the pandemic so could this be the future of education?

Next up is South African director Neill Blomkamp who has been taken aboard as “Chief Visionary Officer” at new game development studio Gunzilla Games. There he and the rest of the team are working on an as yet unrevealed AAA multiplayer shooter. Hopefully this nameless game is closer to District 9 than Chappie.

Finally we return to the well of working from home as many people and businesses just assume that will become the de facto way to do things going into the future. Unfortunately the numbers don’t seem to share that view as many decision makers at large businesses are leaning towards wanting more people back in more offices.

Onto our feature this week and we each discuss the games, DLC and expansions that will likely be out before 2021 is over. It’s an eclectic mix of racing, shooting, management and sport as we list off our top three picks each.

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