inQuba now offers WhatsApp integration

When a customer wants to communicate with your business, having as many channels as possible sounds like a great idea but the channels you use should also be relevant.

That relevancy will depend on your specific business but being able to deploy a customer experience solution through a popular channel quickly is rather important.

One company that makes that possible is inQuba which has recently integrated WhatsApp into its Journey Management platform. This means businesses can now take advantage of inQuba’s technology while offering customers a simple, cost-effective communication solution.

“Feedback and dialogues are captured and organised by the inQuba platform into lists that employees can view, escalated to Case Management where appropriate, and text analysed for sentiment and themes,” explains Trent Rossini, managing director at inQuba.

Whether customers are using SMS or WhatsApp, with inQuba you will have a full view of your customers and hopefully that means less repeating what your issue is to a customer service representative.

That’s not the only benefit though as Rossini explains.

“In more advanced implementations, our customers are using the WhatsApp channel to provide information to end customers, collecting additional missing information to process claims and using this information to automate workflows. Work can be offloaded to a chat channel, reducing the pressure on call centres and other admin areas but at the same time dramatically improving the end customer experience,” the MD says.

Further to that, this integration now makes it easier to engage with customers. For example, an insurer can help customers with claims or nudge them to continue pursuing goals.

On top of this opportunities to sell relevant products and services to customers opens up when you have a better understanding of your customer.

“inQuba’s Journey Management platform is designed to enable businesses to understand the journeys customers take when engaging with them via different channels, for example a call centre, email, the web, and now WhatsApp. This means businesses can initiate a dialogue with a customer wherever they are on that journey – for example if they call in for a quote and don’t take up the service – from the inQuba platform, and bring that feedback back into the platform for analysis and further action,” the firm explains.

To find out more about inQuba and its Journey Management software head here.

Given we’re still social distancing and folks are hesitant to go places, this might be a great way to forge connections with customers from a distance.

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