New Deathloop walkthrough doesn’t reveal much

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The long-delayed Deathloop has broken cover again this time for a nine minute gameplay walkthrough. Unfortunately we don’t find out much of anything new, but there is some information to sift through.

The walkthrough, embedded below, shows a snippet of a run that takes place a few hours into the game where the player has access to some abilities and information about how the loops in the game works.

We get to see some gameplay mechanics such as the ability to rewind time, gun jamming and gaining information through eavesdropping on enemies.

Speaking of the enemies in this game they seem to all share some kind of hearing loss as they fail to hear gunshots and explosions happening a few metres away. We know this is to facilitate stealth but it’s hilarious being caught in a brutal gunfight and then turning a corner to see a new group of NPS completely unbothered by the commotion.

This isn’t anything to do with gameplay, but jeez, that dialogue is awful. The main characters and even the side NPCs are a chore to listen to. The voice acting is competent, but the writing is a chore.

We sincerely hope this trailer uses extra dialogue for the sake of context and the real game isn’t as heavy with the talking during gameplay.

Thankfully we don’t have to depend on the trailer to learn more about the game. Bethesda has released a separate blog post entitled “7 things you don’t know about Deathloop” that we’ve summarised below:

The timeloop causes amnesia for everyone on the island… except one person. Colt, the player character, is the only one who doesn’t suffer from amnesia when the timeloop resets.

The writing is on the wall… and in the air… and everywhere. This is to be taken literally. There’s a lot of environmental story telling and information passed on by writing on the wall.

Colt takes his powers from downed Visionaries. Big upgrades are unlocked by killing the main bosses.

You don’t have to start from nothing with each new cycle. A currency called Residuum can be spent to permanently upgrade yourself which will persist across timeloops.

Reprise is an assassin’s best friend. Reprise is the name of the aforementioned ability to rewind time. This basically gives the player a second life on every run.

There are dozens of reasons to explore areas multiple times. There’s a lot to explore so don’t make a B-line for the main mission.

You are the master of your own destiny. The game can be tackled as you see fit with no strict one way to complete the game.”

Deathloop launches on 14th September for PlayStation 5 and PC.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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