New languages, vent cleaning highlights of Among Us update

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Among Us has been updated to Version 2021.6.30 with the headlines for the changes being new language support and a vent cleaning task.

The new languages are great as more people get to experience the game in their native tongue. One of the people who worked on the Irish translations, Cormac Cinnsealach, called this a “cultural victory for the Irish community” when speaking to the Irish Mirror.

The Steam page for Among Us has not been updated with these new languages, but English, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Spain), Korean, Russian, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Japanese.

From the patch notes here are the entries for the new languages and the vent cleaning task which should give regular crewmates an extra tool against the imposters.

Added vent cleaning task. Cleaning the vent will prevent any impostors from using that specific vent, but Impostors can still use other vents and the vent will be usable once it’s cleaned. If an Impostor is already camping out in a vent and then you start cleaning that vent, it’ll boot them out with a dramatic sound and you’ll see who it is. Surprise!

New languages. Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Irish localization added. Thanks to Úna-Minh, Brian, Cormac, and Mike for the Irish translations.”

Version 2021.6.30 also comes with a slew of bug fixes and changes. Players stuck in place after a meeting should no longer happen which was the biggest issue from the last update, according to developer Innersloth.

Innersloth also comments that other bugs are still in the process of being squashed with 4:3 aspect ratio scaling and a missing wizard hat being the two biggest ones.

Finally there’s a reminder of the Collector’s Edition which is on sale right now.

Also on sale is the regular game itself. Today is the last day of the Steam Summer Sale 2021 and Among Us is 20 percent off. As the game is already so cheap this brings it down into the realm of “cheaper than a fancy coffee”.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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