TED talks are coming to Clubhouse

With Clubhouse now available on Android and iOS, and more users joining the service as a result, it makes sense that big brands are joining the platform as well.

One such brand is TED which has partnered with Clubhouse to bring exclusive talks to the platform. The first of these chats is taking place today at 17:00 local time. The talk is titled “Thank Your Ass Off” and will run weekly through the TED Clubhouse profile here.

What is interesting about this partnership is that, according to The Verge, TED is free to sell partnerships or advertising and Clubhouse won’t take a cut. This makes it seem as if Clubhouse hopes that TED’s presence on the platform will bring an influx of users.

While it remains to be seen if live events through Clubhouse will be successful, it would be silly to ignore the brand’s success in the realm of podcasts. In 2020, Spotify reported that TED Talks Daily was the second most popular podcast right behind The Joe Rogan Experience.

The one issue we see TED bumping into is how many folks tune into the conversations it hosts on Clubhouse.

While anybody can download Clubhouse, being able to participate in the app requires joining a waiting list or having somebody who is already on the app invite you.

While there were 10 million weekly active users on Clubhouse by May, this pales in comparison to the likes of YouTube which boasts two billion monthly active users, and YouTube is an open platform that doesn’t require an invitation.

With that having been said, Clubhouse is clearly a platform worth investing in, even if we don’t immediately see the value.

It’s also worth mentioning that once Clubhouse is able to achieve some form of stability at scale, the invitation mechanism could fall away and we suspect that this will be the event that allows the app to grow exponentially.

TED is just one of several high-profile brands to join Clubhouse in recent weeks and perhaps these brands will be the catalyst Clubhouse needs to lure more users to the platform.

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