htxt.africast – Galaxy Unpacked and a flood of foldables

The africast is back this week after an absence and we’re here to talk about the new and bendy hardware unveiled by Samsung in the latest Galaxy Unpacked event, which includes some hands on time with the phones.

Before that, however, Google Trends has turned 15 and it has been revealed what the country has been searching in the last decade and a half. See our dedicated story, along with links to all the mentioned stories, in the list below. There you can find the full results which have been released by Google.

Next up is the Poly Network hack, a heist that could have possibly resulted in someone running off with $1 billion, but instead has seen the hacker returning the money after the fact. Not something you see of every day and another warning for those investing in crypto.

Finally for news it’s the cursed Black Widow, a movie that was endlessly delayed, then delayed on top of that in South Africa, and has lead to Scarlett Johansson suing Disney. Despite being a forgettable movie that most have stopped talking about, it seems it will have a legacy outside of its own runtime.

For our main topic this week the Galaxy Unpacked event showcased new folding phones, new smart watches and even the Buds2 which have ditched the bean shape that made this line of audio products unique.

We’ve covered these devices from every angle and had our hands on a few of them, but after it all we’ve found ourselves scratching our heads as to why Samsung is making the choices it’s making in modern times.

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