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CS:GO’s Operation Riptide comes with animated shorts

Despite being such a big part of the gaming landscape Valve rarely uploads new videos with the last gap clocking in at eight months. Now it’s been just a single month since the last upload as we get a couple of animated shorts for Operation Riptide.

This is the 11th operation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) which is live inside of the game right now.

“New challenges await, with new maps, new game mode options, and the all-new Private Queues! The Operation mission system has gotten an overhaul–complete your weekly missions and choose from a variety of rewards including new agents, weapon collections, stickers, and patches,” reads an announcement for Operation Riptide.

The two shorts are entitled Tomb Stone and Fowl Play which you can watch by clicking on their names or in the embeds down below.

Each of the animated shorts serves to show off new skins which form part of the Riptide Agent Collection. Tomb Stone is for “SEAL Frogman Comdr. Frank ‘Wet Sox’ Baroud” and Fowl Play for “Guerrilla Warfare agent Crasswater”. These are just two of the 21 skins included in the collection.

More information about Operation Riptide can be found on its dedicated subsite here.

The base game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is free on Steam but the operation pass for this new content is a separate purchase with localised pricing in South Africa of R215.

At the time of writing the operation pass has no reviews. While we would usually say this is to be expected as it only launched a handful of hours ago, CS:GO is one of the most popular games in the world so we would have expected the reviews to be flooded already.

For comparison the base game has a rather insane amount of reviews that near six million. For those wondering 88 percent of them are positive leaving CS:GO with a “Very Positive” review rating.

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