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Puma X Animal Crossing arrives in South Africa for a pretty penny

Right at the end of August we reported on the Puma X Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection that was announced for overseas markets. Now in the middle of September the collection is available in stores, including those in South Africa.

The official online store for Puma in South Africa now has stock of the footwear, shorts, hoodies and shirts which make up this crossover.

The full range page is available here, but below is the available stock listed by price:

  • Youth Tee | R400 | Link
  • Leadcat Kids’ Sandals | R550 | Link
  • Men’s Tee | R550 | Link
  • Youth Shorts | R600 | Link
  • Men’s Tee | R650 | Link
  • Leadcat Sandals | R700 | Link
  • Long Sleeve Men’s Tee | R700 | Link
  • Youth Hoodie | R900 | Link
  • Suede Alternative Closure Babies’ Trainers | R1 100 | Link
  • Wild Rider Babies’ Trainers | R1 100 | Link
  • Suede Kids’ Trainers | R1 500 | Link
  • Wild Rider Kids’ Trainers | R1 500 | Link
  • Future Rider Youth Trainers | R1 700 | Link
  • Future Rider Women’s Trainers | R2 000 | Link

It seems that the selection on offer here is missing certain items. When compared to the American online store here it’s clear that some products are not counted for.

That aside the prices here are high which is to be expected with a brand like Puma. We’re not really shocked with baby shoes costing more than R1 000 as many other similar brands like Nike also offer them so this is just another avenue for the rich to spend obscene amounts of money.

This same problem came up when Pokémon collaborated with Levi’s back in February and sold Misty’s jean shorts for R1 499.

Hopefully when another Nintendo clothing partnership happens in the future a more affordable brand will be chosen.

For the rest of us it’s a hard sell unless you’re really into fashion or Animal Crossing. For the former the colours here are muted and for most it’s not immediately clear that these have Animal Crossing branding. For the fans of the games this can be a positive or a negative depending on how “out there” they like their clothes to be.

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