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Shang-Chi on Disney+ in November, but South Africans stick to the cinema

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has been a success in cinemas around the world, but countries with access to Disney+ will be able to stream the movie from 12th November.

This has been confirmed to The Verge as part of “Disney+ Day” which will see a wave of content arrive on the platform, all of it not requiring an extra purchase like Mulan and Black Widow did.

On 12th November Shang-Chi will be joined by Jungle Cruise, animated shorts for several Pixar movie universes, an animated short for The Simpsons and five episodes from season two of The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

While this all sounds great for those with access to Disney+, South Africa is of course not included in the official supported countries list for the service. We have reported on official word from Disney that the streaming platform will not be here for at least another year back in mid-August.

The only way that local Marvel fans have to legally watch the movie is in cinemas as both theatre chains (Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro) are airing the movie right now.

Even with vaccinations now available for free, to most citizens of the country, leaving the house will always carry with it a small risk and we’re sure many people would pay for a month of Disney+ to enjoy these movies instead.

While COVID-19 infections and deaths have seen a small decline in the country, it’s still dangerous out there and you shouldn’t be thinking of going out for leisure activities in closed spaces with other people if you’re not fully vaccinated.

For those who have had their jabs and want to do a double feature, you can also watch Black Widow which is still showing in cinemas.

Having paid for public tickets to see both of these (and expensive movie popcorn) we have to say that Shang-Chi is a better use of time and money. Nothing is particularly wrong with Black Widow, we just had much more fun with Shang-Chi.

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