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Still on the fence about the Steam Deck? Check out the FAQ

The first batch of Steam Deck orders is still planned to come out in December of this year, but customers still have a lot of questions about Valve’s attempt at a handheld gaming PC.

To answer these questions it has published a new FAQ section which can be read here.

Over the last few months we’ve received a slew of questions about the [Steam Deck] from the community – via Reddit, Discord, Twitter, or just straight up emails to Gabe. We took a bunch of the most commonly asked questions and wrote up an FAQ just for you!” reads a tweet from the company. 

Despite having so many places to pull queries from the FAQ only has 20 questions and their respective answers.

We’ve taken a read through and pulled out the best ones to discuss but, as mentioned, they’re all available here.

The first part we were drawn to relates to use with external devices and peripherals. A dock for the Steam Deck is coming at a later date and it’s confirmed here that the dock will simply act as USB-C hub and nothing more.

VR headsets can be connected to the Steam Deck but it’s not really designed for it and has not been optimised for the experience. Not too surprising considering the mobile hardware, but worth remembering.

Combining questions about the dock and VR is the thought of boosting performance with an external GPU. Unfortunately these will not be supported.

As for hardware that comes in the box the charging cable is a generous 1.5 metres. Valve, despite being an American company, actually lists this metric measurement and lists it first ahead of the 4.9 feet imperial one.

Many of the rest of the questions are a given considering that, at the end of the day, the Steam Deck is just a small computer. Things like Steam games working offline, multiple Steam profiles being used, non-Steam games running… all of these work as a computer would with the answers being yes, yes (as long as the game doesn’t require online functionality) and yes.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, is again the addressing of availability to more countries. The original batch of Steam Decks coming out this year had a limited country availability list that was promised to be extended in 2022. This promise is still kept but no real details have been provided yet again.

What is new, however, is the posssibility of other stores stocking the handheld.

Question: Will Steam Deck be sold in retail stores?

Answer: Steam Deck is only available directly via Steam. We may be partnering with retailers as we make Steam Deck available in more regions – more information about that soon.

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