After more than a decade Games for Windows Live removed from Fallout 3

The gaming curse words of “Games for Windows Live” have popped up again but thankfully not of the service returning, but of Fallout 3 having it removed.

The Steam version of Fallout 3: Game of the Year has been changed to update which affects the hated software.

“Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition has been updated and no longer installs Games for Windows Live dependencies. If Fallout 3 was previously installed on Steam, we suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the title. The title no longer requires Games for Windows Live and will now launch,” the update reads.

It’s rather funny that this removal has happened now with Microsoft now owning ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda. Games for Windows Live is, of course, a product of Microsoft so it seems that the creator of the hated service had to return to an old game to remove a problem it created.

If this is an intentional effort on the part of Microsoft to keep these older games playable then we have to commend them. Preservation of games is a massive problem in the industry with licences usually to blame for games being removed from stores and made inaccessible.

Just this week three Grand Theft Auto classics are being removed from stores to make way for a remastered trilogy.

The last game we played with Games for Windows Live was the Steam version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition a couple of years ago. Some reviews left earlier this year mention that the software is still a hurdle to playing the game so if you want to experience this classic mecha third person shooter you will need to jump through some hoops.

Even if you’re willing to put in the work the nature of these old and abandoned services may mean not being able to play the game at all, which is what some of the Steam reviews warn against. Thankfully this won’t be the case for Fallout 3 on Steam going into the future.




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