Software AG will rebuild Innovation Co-Lab in KZN

The repercussions of the civil unrest that gripped many parts of South Africa in July are still being felt.

Case in point is Software AG which saw its Innovation Co-Lab – which is involved in Innovate Durban – destroyed during the civil unrest.

The damage includes R1.6 million worth of equipment.

“The Innovation Co-Lab provided access to innovation-related tools, information and resources. It was a place where budding entrepreneurs could innovate and create opportunities and that was taken away from them in a matter of days,” explains Software AG’s vice president for South Africa, Kholiwe Makhohliso.

The good news is that thanks to funding provided by the Software AG head office in Germany, the lab will be rebuilt and a second lab will be built in Alexandra, Gauteng.

The Alexandra Digital Hub will provide youth startups and innovators in the township with the chance to connect with digital technologies and participate in the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

“We know that history will not remember the wake of destruction left by the unrest, but rather how we rallied together to pick up the pieces and move forward as a stronger, smarter and unified nation. Whatever small role we can play in that narrative, is one we will proudly and passionately commit to,” Makhohliso said in a statement.

The Alexandra Digital Hub is currently under construction and will be open for business soon.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]


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