30th November 2023 4:17 pm
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UCT students should remember 3rd January for appeals to continue studying

Students at the University of Cape Town (UCT) have been urged to remember the date of 3rd January 2022, as it is the deadline to submit an appeal to continue to study.

This reminder comes from UCT as many students are finishing their exams and looking forward to taking a break from academia over the holidays. Those who aren’t paying attention to their results over this period may miss their chance to appeal.

“Once the exam results are out, the Faculty Examination Committees (FECs) will meet in December to evaluate the progress of every student against the standards for the programme in which they are registered. If a student has not met the minimum criteria, the FECs will determine whether to grant a concession to continue the programme of study, or to deny the student permission to register next year,” writes Associate Professor Lis Lange, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning.

“An academic standing at the end of 2021 of ‘not eligible to continue’ or ‘eligible to continue if SUPP/DE passed’ means that you are not permitted to renew your registration in 2022, as you have not met the minimum academic requirements to do so. If you are deemed ineligible but want to continue to study, you must appeal by 3 January 2022.”

With 2021 another year under the pandemic and the South African lockdowns, it’s easy to see why some students may miss this deadline if they are trying to distance themselves from the stresses of school while on their break.

“If you do not appeal by the 3 January deadline and you later fail your supplementary or deferred exams, it will be too late to receive and consider your appeal in time for the start of the first semester in 2022. The dean of your faculty will send you more details about this process. This communication is intended to flag the importance of the 3 January deadline should you need to submit an appeal,” the associate professor concludes.

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