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Don’t get scammed when applying for jobs at Stats SA

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) – the governmental body in charge of many avenues lead by data, including the census – is continually hiring contractual staff by way of its HR Recruitment Database, but this has lead to criminals trying to mislead applicants.

“[Scam Alert] Scammers can use your ID & proof of address to open accounts fraudulently in your name. Don’t share this info with a stranger, even if they are offering to help. If you are struggling to register, please contact the [Stats SA] call centre on 0800 110 248 for assistance,” reads an announcement.

“The HR Recruitment Database is open and will be used to find candidates for contract-based opportunities. Registration is DATA-FREE and we ONLY require you to upload your proof of address. Please make sure that you only register on the Stats SA website.”

The HR Recruitment database was re-opened recently on 10th November, with openings in fields such as supervision, administration and multiple jobs around data (such as collection / field work, capturing and processing).

This onboarding of new hires is to fuel the upcoming 2022 census which will capture data about South African citizens through February and March next year.

According to the details page for the 2022 census, Stats SA will be fielding around 165 000 officials across the entire country to gather this data. With such a big workforce it’s no wonder that the recruitment drive is so popular and why there’s room for scammers to work themselves into the mix.

This problem isn’t even unique to Stats SA as it seems many government programmes fall victim to applicants being scammed. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has been forced to issue many similar warnings of scams in the past as students are offered help in the application process by criminals.