Kotick will consider stepping down if Activision Blizzard can’t resolve its problems quickly

Despite ever growing calls for his resignation or removal, Bobby Kotick is still the chief executive officer at Activision Blizzard although for how much longer is unclear.

This is because at the weekend The Wall Street Journal reported that Kotick had told senior managers that he would consider leaving the company if he can’t fix the culture at the firm quickly.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Kotick will definitely be leaving the firm. With that having been said, the fact that the toxicity of Activision Blizzard’s workplace is so widespread and furthermore, allegedly enabled by the likes of Kotick, fixing the firm is not going to be an easy undertaking.

The comments made by Kotick were reportedly made during a series of internal meetings in which he and other members of the leadership team reiterated their commitment to establishing a healthy workplace.

The second half of the year has been especially bad for Activision Blizzard given the flurry of lawsuits levelled against the firm as well as the departure of high-level executives including Jen Oneal who only recently became President of Blizzard.

With this and the most recent accusations levelled against Kotick, it’s a wonder to us that he’s still holding the reigns. It is only Monday though.




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