OneDayOnly introduces permanent shop for household items

OneDayOnly, an online retailer which specialises in selling discounted items for 24 hours only, has started a new initiative called OneDayOnly Everyday Essentials which will offer a permanent store for items you need around the house.

“Sick of going to the shop only to forget the one thing you actually went there for? Put that in the past forever and instead get the best deals on all those round-the-house items with us!” reads the newsletter for the new shop.

“Introducing Everyday Essentials: your one-stop shop for all those things that seem to run out. Cleaning items, laundry products, kitchenware and more. Available all day, every day.”

The first day’s offering for Everyday Essentials can be found here launching with, by our count, more than a hundred items.

Everything in this new store is discounted by some degree – with the highest being 25 percent – but it’s worth keeping three key pieces of information in mind when shipping.

Firstly it seems that there’s a focus on bulk buying here. Sure it may make sense to buy items like toilet paper or razor blade refills in large amounts, but we’re not sure many people are looking to buy a six pack of shampoo or several litres of cleaning agent at once.

Secondly delivery should be taken into account. OneDayOnly does not offer free delivery of any kind so these deals should be viewed through the lens of paying extra for the delivery. We were given a delivery fee of R59 for shipping into a relatively large part of Joburg.

The last factor when shopping on OneDayOnly / Everyday Essentials is to be cognisant of the other offerings out there. The pandemic has forced many grocery stores to start offering delivery options which may suit your needs better, especially because you can buy individual items and other important items such as food.

We’ve been using Checkers’ offering Sixty60 for a while now and can recommend it aside from the bag problem.

Time will tell how effective Everyday Essentials are and how it meshes with the limited time luxury sales items that OneDayOnly is more known for.

The front page of Everyday Essentials.

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