A Google employee reportedly left a Pixel Watch at a restaurant

Sometimes you wake up and see a report that makes you think you’ve somehow travelled back in time. This morning, that report was from Android Central about the forthcoming Google Pixel Watch.

While leaks and rumours are a dime a dozen these days, finding an as yet unreleased device in the wild is something that hasn’t happened for ages, until this weekend.

As Android Central reports, an anonymous source found a Google watch at a restaurant in the US and sent through the images which you can find in the link above.

The images showcase a rounded watch face with tiny bezels and a crown on the side of the device. The watch band is reminiscent of the Apple Watch and the device looks similar to leaked images.

But where this story takes a bizarre turn is that the device wasn’t actually working. The person who found the watch reportedly couldn’t get beyond the boot logo meaning there was no operating system installed or it was bugged.

This likely means the person who left the device behind wasn’t testing it in the wild which has us asking whether this is just some clever pre-release marketing on Google’s part.

We’re eerily reminded of a story from 2010 in which an Apple engineer left behind an iPhone at a restuarant that looked like an iPhone 3GS but turned out to be the iPhone 4.

With Google I/O taking place in May, the timing of this person seemingly forgetting their top-secret product at a restaurant feels very coincidental. However, given that Google hasn’t issued a statement as regards this watch, this is purely us speculating.

On that note, Google I/O kicks off on 11th May and its expected that the firm will reveal this lost watch as well as a new Pixel smartphone in the Pixel 7.

Sadly, as South Africa has never been a market where Pixel smartphones are officially available, we aren’t expecting that to change but we have a small sliver of hope that this will change one day.


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]



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