Running Up That Hill returns for new Stranger Things trailer

Kate Bush’s song Running Up That Hill makes a return to Stranger Things as Netflix releases a trailer for the second half of the fourth season.

Before we get into the story just note that there’s some very mild spoilers for the first half of the season both from us and the trailer.

Running Up That Hill has been remixed into the music for this trailer. The use of the song in the earlier episodes of the season has lead to a massive resurgence of the track and multiple number one chart positions.

We see, early in the trailer, that what looks like the army has infiltrated the base where Dr. Martin Brenner, Dr. Sam Owens and the rogue scientists have been trying to restore Eleven’s powers.

Then, near the end of the trailer, it looks like the base is blown up entirely. We already knew that the base was being moved on after Lt. Colonel Sullivan tortures its location out of one of the guards meant to protect the kids.

Speaking of the kids we see Lucas getting into a fist fight with head of the basketball team, Jason Carver. Lucas seems to be thoroughly winning the fight but of course we only see a few brief glimpses of it.

Another member of the Hellfire Club, Eddie Munsen, finds a guitar in the Upside Down and begins playing it in a scene that looks like the art of a metal album. See the header image above.

The last quick scene we want to mention is that, at around one minute and 30 seconds in, Hopper seems to be wielding a sword. We’re not bladed weapon experts but it seems to be a very long sword like a Zweihänder or it could not be that entirely. It may also be some kind of gun with an uncharacteristically long bayonet, but we’ll have to keep waiting to find out exactly what it is.

That wait, thankfully, won’t be too long now as Stranger Things 4, Volume 2 starts streaming on 1st July 2022.


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