Metal Slug Tactics won’t be releasing in 2022

Metal Slug Tactics – the reimagined game which turns the classic arcade series into turn-bsaed strategy adventure – has been delayed out of this year and will now only be released some time in 2023.

This news comes with no real explanation for the delay.

“Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma are tinkering away to make Metal Slug Tactics as explosive as possible on release, but the squad needs a bit more time in the shop to prepare for the battles ahead. See you on the frontlines in 2023!,” reads the entirety of the announcement.

Aside from that text we get an admittedly fantastic piece of art of the four characters working on the titular Metal Slug tank.

Metal Slug Tactics was poised for release on PC (Steam) and the Nintendo Switch some time in 2022 with fans waiting patiently for some kind of update about the title and a possible release date.

Moving the game to next year is quite a blow then. The reveal trailer – embedded at the bottom of this story – really grabbed the attention of fans and non-fans alike thanks to its slick animation. A proper gameplay reveal released in August last year also got the public excited thanks to its amazing art style unique take on the franchise.

“Roguelite elements make missions highly replayable and victories feel truly earned, but should a cunning squad or fiendish boss persevere, rounds are quick to jump back into. Paired with gorgeous pixel art and fluid animation which faithfully channels the series’ timeless aesthetic,” reads part of a description for the new direction here.

Metal Slug Tactics is the latest notable game to receive a substantial delay, with Marvel’s Midnight Suns being pushed back indefinitely just a few days ago. Right now Midnight Suns doesn’t even have a release window as broad as “2023” so we’ll need to keep waiting for an update on that one.


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