NSFAS says worrying email was ‘glitch’

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has issued a statement about a batch of emails with incorrect information that recipients should be aware of, but ultimately ignore.

“As a result of a system related glitch, some NSFAS funded students received an email communication, requesting them to accept their NSFAS Bursary Agreement (NBA) via their myNSFAS portal. Please note that NSFAS funded students do not need to sign their NBA. This is as a result of the Terms and Conditions being accepted by the applicant during the application process,” the announcement reads.

“Kindly note that payments of funds will not be affected if the student does not sign the agreement or should the student sign and return the NBA to NSFAS. We would like to caution all recipients of that email communication to verify that the email address is from an official NSFAS email address, which would be no-reply[at]nsfas[dot]org[dot]za before clicking on any links.”

The University of South Africa (Unisa) sheds extra light on the situation including the fact that these errant emails did come from the correct email address mentioned in the statement above. This is rather odd as we’re not sure why NSFAS is asking students to be aware of fake email addresses when this particular instance was with a completely legitimate one.

Unisa also provides the crucial bit of info here where the email incorrectly stated that payments would not go out to students if they did not sign. This is rather important as it made the errant email seem more serious and timeous than the original announcement eluded to.

“NSFAS apologizes for the incorrect email message sent to some students from the email address, no-reply[at]nsfas[dot]org[dot]za. The email requested recipients to sign bursary agreements via their myNSFAS portal and that the failure to sign the agreement will result in payments not being processed,” Unisa writes.


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