Sony gives us a God of War recap before Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok will finally be out in a few months and to keep the hype train speeding along, Sony has released some recaps of what happened in the last game.

“To prepare for the upcoming release of God of War Ragnarök on November 9th, we’ve invited two of the best storytellers we know to recap the journey of Kratos and Atreus from God of War (2018): the amazing Felicia Day and the Smartest Man Alive, Mimir! The new Myths of Midgard video is an animated storybook recounting the events of God of War (2018), with a goal of catching you up on the previous game,” the description reads.

That video can be watched below though we find it strange that they don’t provide the real name of the talented actor providing the performance of Mimir. That is Alastair Duncan though he appears only in character in this video, so we can kind of see why he isn’t mentioned by name.

While we’d hope this is obvious, the video contains full spoilers for God of War 2018. As we still believe that this game is one of the best ever made, we highly encourage new comers to simply play the game instead of watching this.

Those who don’t like the rhyming book nature of this retelling can also find a more plain written version hosted on the official PlayStation Blog website here.

Interestingly neither the video or the written account mention Thor arriving at Kratos and Atreus’ home. This has us wondering if that stinger from the end of the previous game actually happened at all or, as it’s framed in the game, it was all a simple dream or look at a possible future which players will experience in Ragnarok.

Thor is mentioned, however, along with his father as two characters in the sequel.

“As they return home to Midgard, Mimir warns them that the death of Baldur means that the first event said to mark the arrival of Ragnarök has come to pass. Kratos and Atreus now find themselves at the center of a prophecy that has foretold the complete upheaval of the Nine Realms and a battle so great it results in the deaths of many Aesir gods including Odin and Thor,” the recap reads.

Of final note here is the lack of mention of all the previous God of War games before the 2018 version. This further cements to us the fact that the 2018 game was a reboot of the franchise that you aren’t forced to play to properly appreciate these new titles.


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