Spider-Man crests 10K reviews, ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reception

On Friday Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered launched on Steam and it’s been a roaring success so far with chart topping sales and now a fantastic user reception too.  

At the time of writing the game has 10 581 reviews on Steam with a whopping 96 percent of them being positive. This leaves the latest PlayStation PC port with an “Overwhelmingly Positive” review rating which is the highest possible title a game can have on Steam. 

We can venture into the reviews to get an idea of why the reception has been so positive, with many users commenting on PC-specific features such as the high refresh rate, resolution, graphics options and more. 

We also took a look at the few negative reviews to see what the four percent of players had to say about why they didn’t like the game. It seems a good portion of these negative reviews have to do with technical problems resulting in crashes and / or an inability to play the game at all. Only a small handful of these negative reviews have to do with the design of the actual gameplay, with aspects such as the MJ stealth missions and Drone Challenges mentioned by name. 

As always it’s worth stopping by Metacritic to get a further idea of a game’s reception, even if the review aggregate site has its problems when it comes to deriving its numbers. Right now Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC has a Metascore of 87 out of a 100 from 57 critic reviews. The user score right around the same at 8.8 out of ten from 62 ratings. 

On top of all the other problems with Metacritic, why is the critic score out of 100 and the user score out of 10? Kind of annoying. 

It seems, then, Sony has another PC hit on its hands so hopefully this continued success means more exclusives on the platform. 

Check back here in the near future for our review of the port. We got our copy on launch day so we’re play through a bit more before assigning it a score. 


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