3 million+ people have given PowerWash Simulator a blast

It has been revealed that PowerWash Simulator has, since launching in the middle of July, brought in more than three million players.

That is quite a lot given that this is a smaller game. While it was published by Square Enix we’d still classify this one as an indie, making three million a real achievement.

Launched on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the game also arrived as a day one release for Game Pass allowing subscribers to play without the need for any additional purchase.

Right now Square Enix and developer FuturLab haven’t revealed just how many of those three million were from Game Pass, but we have to imagine it helped quite a bit. Also helping is positive word of mouth as the game generated quite a bit of buzz at launch as a relaxing experience that is perfect to jump in and mess around with.

That’s exactly what we did and found PowerWash Simulator fun to mess around with for 30 minutes but, after you get the hang of what’s on offer, there’s little else to do.

This sentiment is shared by others, such as comments on Reddit about this news with many hoping for more content on the horizon to extend the base game which is generally received well.

On Steam we can see more of this positive reception with 23 739 reviews left so far, and 97 percent of them are positive. At the time of writing PowerWash Simulator has the highest review rating available on Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive.


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