Atomic Heart has a new publisher in Focus Entertainment

Atomic Heart, the much-anticipated alternate history sci-fi shooter, will no longer be self-published by developer Mundfish in many territories, with Focus Entertainment taking over those duties.

Focus Entertainment was best known as Focus Home Entertainment before changing its name. The company is a French publisher which is best known for its work in the “AA” sector, that being the space between smaller indies and the bigger budget “AAA” games.

Focus Entertainment will be publishing Atomic Heart on both PC and consoles (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S) in most parts of the world, but not all. Asian territories as well as areas in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will not be included in this deal.

We first reported on Atomic Heart back in May 2018 when it was revealed as an already impressive concept. Over the years, as we’ve seen more of the game in trailers, it has become increasingly impressive what the small team at Mundfish has been able to accomplish. Interestingly, in the announcement, the mention of indie versus AA versus AAA is brought up.

“It’s an honor to collaborate with a studio as talented as Mundfish. We were amazed by Robert and his teams’ creative minds as soon as we started exchanging. The AAA standards they’ve provided for their first game is truly an accomplishment. Atomic Heart is sure to honor all players in search of an original, new generation experience,” says Julien Ramette, Chief Business Development Officer at Focus Entertainment.

“Robert” mentioned in that quote is Robert Bagratuni, the CEO of Mundfish, who adds that the studio was founded five years ago almost lining up with how long we have been waiting to play this game.

“And now, when the stakes are as high as ever, we are finally ready to release the momentum we have been accumulating over these years. We couldn’t be happier to head to the release with such an experienced publisher, and we have no doubt that Focus Entertainment will make the upcoming game launch truly outstanding,” Bagratuni adds.

The last we saw of Atomic Heart was the combat trailer which you can watch below, which reminds us a lot of the BioShock games.

With release before the end of the year and a new publisher to boot, we can’t wait to finally find out if this game plays as good as it looks.


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