Starship Troopers: Terran Command has a roadmap for year one

Released in June this year, Starship Troopers: Terran Command brought real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay to the beloved franchise, and more is in store for the game in its first year.

On the website of publisher Slitherine, the game has received a roadmap which you can see below.

Before we get into what is on the roadmap we need to talk about what isn’t there: dates. There are no times or release windows attached to each part of the the roadmap which is odd, as the whole point of these is to let players know what they can expect, and when.

That aside we do appreciate the split nature of the roadmap with free content on the top and paid content below.

On the free side we’re interested in the so-called “top secret game mode” that has a focus on replayability. In modern gaming this usually means something akin to a roguelike. We’re massive fans of the roguelike genre here at Hypertext but we can’t recall seeing an RTS with these mechanics in the past.

This is entirely conjecture on our part and, since this mode is planned for 2023, it will be some time before more is revealed.

“We are planning to release two paid-for DLCs within the first year of release: the first is a mini-Campaign based on challenge missions. A more extensive DLC will follow, with an entire Campaign set in a new environment and featuring additional units,” the announcement reads for the paid content.

More details for said paid content will also be released later this year.

Finally there’s a new beta patch for those who want to test out content before it’s ready. There’s a new unit type, a new scenario and the ability to prioritise certain enemy types as the key features of this beta.

“You can find the full changelog here, an you can start applying to the beta here. Please note that a Slitherine account is required, but you can register one for free. Actual access to the beta patch will be given to those testers who have been picked in a few days,” the announcement continues.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command was well-received when it launches and, at the time of writing, it has 4 481 reviews on Steam. 88 percent of those reviews are positive so the community is enjoying what is on offer so far.


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