Strava acquires 3D mapping platform Fatmap, eyeing more outdoor experiences

  • With an estimated 95 million monthly active users worldwide, Strava is one of the biggest fitness apps on the planet.
  • Now the platform has acquired Fatmap, which specialises in outdoor 3D mapping.
  • This technology will find its way into the Strava app, but integration will take time.

Some interesting news for Strava users, as the fitness tracking platform has announced the acquisition of 3D mapping specialists Fatmap.

With an estimated 95 million monthly active users on its platforms, Strava is one of, if not the most popular fitness tracking applications on the planet, which makes this move rather interesting. To that we will likely see Fatmap’s 3D mapping technology integrated into the Strava platform, but this process will take time, the company has confirmed.

“The acquisition is part of  Strava’s ongoing investment to provide a best-in-class digital experience for people who are striving for an active lifestyle. FATMAP has built a global proprietary 3D mapping technology that will be enabled in all of Strava’s services, empowering active individuals to holistically discover and plan an outdoor experience with curated local guides, points of interest and safety information,” the company explained in a press release published earlier this week.

“We have a shared vision with FATMAP to inspire more people to move by empowering them to discover and experience the joy of the outdoors. For us, the opportunity to reimagine the purpose of maps and how they inspire exploration is an outsized advantage for a differentiated outdoor experience,” added Michael Horvath, CEO and co-founder of Strava.

While Strava works to make that integration happen, it has already shared mockups of what that may potentially look like on its app, giving TechCrunch a teaser via the screenshots featured below.

In the interim, and to make the process of accessing content from both platforms, Strava is working on a single sign-on (SSO) function, giving its current subscribers the full Fatmap feature set by logging in with their Strava account details.

For now, the two products exist separately from one another despite the pending integration. It also remains to be seen whether Fatmap is completely folded into Strava.

Either way, the fitness tacking platform is focused on adding more features to the mix, which it hopes will justify a rise in subscription price down the line.

“Now supporting 50 different activity types, the community platform continues to grow subscriber benefits, such as ski area mapping, Recover Athletics pre-hab content, Beacon safety tracking, route recommendations, an online route builder, global and personal heatmaps, and segment leaderboards,” the company added.

“With these product upgrades, Strava has enacted a price change to reflect the increased benefits. These updates aim to deliver daily value to active people around the world,” it concluded.


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