AI-driven news app Artifact kicks off wider rollout

  • The co-founders of Instagram have made their new app, Artifact, available to all iOS and Android users.
  • The personalised news app is driven by a handful of AI features, including the ability to see which stories are popular among your contacts.
  • You can also give feedback on stories you do not like.

This morning your social media feeds were likely awash with stories about Artifact, the latest news-focused app from the co-founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The app has been available in limited capacity, but it has now been made fully available to both iOS and Android users via their respective app marketplaces.

The pair have also launched this personalised news app with a handful of newly added features.

“With the new version of our app, we’re also introducing new tools to help you personalize your experience, visualize your reading history, and see what’s popular in your network,” they explained in a Medium post.

“Our hope is to provide control over what you see in Feed and a new lens into what you and your network are finding most interesting,” they added.

Those new features include the ability to link your contacts to your Artifact account. This in turn will allow users to see a badge on stories that have been viewed by several of their contacts too. Added to this, the app will start showing you visualised data (as seen above) of the types of content and stories you read, with this feature kicking in after you have read 10 stories on the app.

In terms of feedback, you can give a thumbs down on content you do not like, with more thumbs down meaning you’ll see less content from that publisher or writer. Curiously, there is no mention of a thumbs up, which would be nice for publishers to know whether their articles are well liked or not.

Lastly, Artifact says you can sign up for the app without a phone number. That said, if you want a more personalised experience, as well as having your preferences saved, a phone number is required. It will also help to access some of the aforementioned features.


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