Luno launches crypto investment bundles to track digital asset indices

  • Luno has launched Large Cap Bundle, allowing its customers to access crypto investment bundles for the first time.
  • The investment bundles are made possible thanks to a partnership with CoinDesk Indices.
  • No memecoins will feature on this new digital asset tracking solution.

Luno has launched Luno Large Cap Bundle. It is a new offering that allows Luno customers to access cryptocurrency investment bundles for the first time thanks to a partnership with CoinDesk Indices.

The African continent’s largest crypto exchange explains that this new tool will provide access to investment bundles that aim to follow CoinDesk’s broad market indices, helping customers to better manage and maintain different investments.

“Our customers have been looking for an easy way to invest in crypto for the long term that removes some of the guesswork and effort needed to stay up-to-date with every market movement. The Luno Large Cap bundle is an easy and secure way to do this,” adds Christo de Wit, Luno’s South Africa country manager (pictured below).

He goes on to note that this new bundle offering is limited to Luno customers in South Africa for now.

The Luno Large Cap Bundle will track the CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index and includes five to 10 of the largest cryptocurrencies by value.

Elon Musk fans out there should also be aware that only cryptos that meet CoinDesk’s strict eligibility criteria are included, so memecoins won’t feature.

“The investment bundle moves with the index and is updated automatically by Luno to track CoinDesk’s indices. This means that your portfolio is always kept up-to-date with the cryptocurrencies to best suit your investment approach. Bundles are rebalanced every three months by Luno in line with the rebalancing of the indices by CoinDesk Indices,” adds Luno in a press release sent to Hypertext.

If you’re interested in these new bundles, you can create and access them via the Luno mobile app.


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