We ranked PRIME against other local sports drinks

There was a frenzy at Checkers stores this week when the retailer launched the PRIME Hydration drink for sale at stores in the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

On Monday, stores were packed with youngsters trying to get their hands on the drink that was created by YouTubers Logan Paul and Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji (KSI). While youngsters are having a blast, older folks are scratching their heads at how thirsty people are for PRIME.

The one questions folks may have is whether PRIME is any good. Each 500ml is said to contain 770mg of electrolytes and 250mg of branched-chain amino acids. In terms of sugar there is just 2g per 500ml and a total of 84kJ per bottle. You could absolutely be drinking worse stuff including any soda pop sold in the same fridges PRIME can be found.

But while it may be good for you, how good does it taste? To find out we assembled a buffet of sports drinks readily available in South Africa.

The drinks are:

  • Powerade Jagged Ice,
  • Powerade Mountain Blast,
  • Energade Naartjie,
  • Energade Tropical,
  • Energade ZERO Strawberry Cucumber,
  • Isorade Grape,
  • Aquelle Viv Sports,
  • Thirsti Isofit+,

We also tried all the locally available flavours of PRIME namely Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch and Ice Pop.

Each of the drinks were rated by our team for Flavour, Hydration, Price, Appearance and how likely we were to buy the drink again. Each member of the team scored the drinks out of 10 and we pulled an average from all three team members. While we’re not saying this is 100 percent accurate, we are dealing with flavoured liquids here so let’s not get too caught up in it.

The results from the averages of each drink are in the graph below:

When it comes to an overall winner, Powerade Mountain Blast AKA Blue Flavour, is the winner. Looking specifically at PRIME, Blue Raspberry won over our team.

Toward the bottom of the rankings we find Aquelle Viv Sports which none of us liked. The worst of the bunch, however, was Energade ZERO Strawberry Cucumber. This drink is an affront to the senses and Tiger Brands should rethink this flavour combo. As Luis Monzon put it, “It tastes like a sandwich”.

Other drinks worth mentioning are Energade Naartjie which tastes of nothing and Isorade Grape which has the fakest grape taste we’ve encountered in a long while.

Surprisingly, PRIME didn’t taste all that bad compared to the local drinks. While it is incredibly pricey at R39.99 compared to the R14 – R18 we spent on the other drinks via Checkers Sixty60, PRIME does have some decent flavours and the bottle is both eye catching and you could use it for water for a few days before throwing it away.

While we’d be hesitant to buy PRIME again, we’re quite pleased to see that Powerade scored so high and we’re currently engaged in a battle of rock, paper scissors to see who gets to take the bottle home.


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