Ukheshe’s Scan to Pay now lets you pay with cryptocurrency

  • Ukheshe’s Scan to Pay now features a “Pay with Crypto voucher” option for users who wish to use their cryptocurrency for payments.
  • This is made possible through a partnership with Xion Global.
  • Xion Global says cryptocurrency payments will eventually earn cashback rewards, loyalty programs, and discounts at specific Scan to Pay merchants.

Earlier this year Ukheshe acquired the Masterpass technology from Mastercard and rebranded it to Scan to Pay. Since then, Ukheshe has been working steadily to improve the platform with additional features.

The latest of these features is the ability to pay for purchases with cryptocurrency stored in a Metamask wallet. This is made possible through a partnership with Xion Global.

Users can expect a seamless experience when paying with cryptocurrency on Scan to Pay, users need only scan a QR code and select “pay with crypto voucher” to complete a transaction.

“Cryptocurrency payments have the potential to transform the way people transact with lower fees, faster settlement times, and greater financial sovereignty – something Ukheshe is excited to offer through Scan to Pay,” explains vice president of Loyalty and Rewards at Ukheshe, Tracy-Lee Schoeman.

“As a decentralised form of finance, cryptocurrencies are being embraced by consumers in emerging markets as they help overcome many of the challenges commonly faced when engaging with traditional banks. This partnership merges traditional payment methods with the decentralised world of web3 to reduce transaction fees, enhance incentives, and ultimately increase financial inclusion,” Schoeman adds.

Xion Global’s infrastructure not only incorporates robust security features such as AML, KYC, KYB, and KYT to protect against unauthorized funds and deter malicious merchant actions but also allows for one-click multi-chain payments. Furthermore, with their strategic collaboration with Polygon Labs, Xion Global is helping spearhead the Web3 payments movement in South Africa.

What’s more is that Xion Global and Ukheshe are working to make paying with crypto more attractive.

“Xion Global recognised the expansive reach and potential of Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe, and this new partnership made absolute sense. The solution will be rolled out in phases. Consumers can benefit from gasless USDT (Polygon) transactions during phase 1, expanding to multi-chain payments in phase 2. Phase 3 will offer cashback rewards, loyalty programs, and discounts at specific Scan to Pay merchants, motivating users to incorporate crypto payments into their daily routines,” chief executive officer at Xion Global, Ronan Quarmby said in a press statement.

Earlier this month, Pick n Pay announced a partnership with Luno to facilitate payments using cryptocurrency. This was made possible thanks to a joint partnership with CryptoConvert.

To find out more about Ukheshe’s solution head to the Scan to Pay website.


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