Airbus and BMW announce Quantum Computing Competition

  • BMW Group and Airbus are hosting a competition where entrants will need to use quantum computing to address transport challenges.
  • Participants stand a chance of winning €30 000.
  • Entries are open now but submissions only open in mid-January.

Despite artificial intelligence being the technology du jour, we’re still very interested in quantum computing and so are both Airbus and the BMW Group.

Quantum computing involves using huge, chandelier-like computers to solve complex problems quickly. However, development in this field is slow and expensive so it doesn’t tend to grab the same headlines that AI or VR tend to.

Businesses are however, acutely aware of the benefits quantum computing could present including businesses like Airbus and BMW Group.

Together the pair have launched a new global competition that seeks to address the most pressing aviation and automotive challenges. The challenges the pair of firms are hoping to address include:

  • Improved aerodynamics design with quantum solvers,
  • Future automated mobility with quantum machine learning,
  • More sustainable supply chain with quantum optimisation,
  • Enhanced corrosion inhibition with quantum simulation.

Entrants will need to address one or more of the above in their entries which are currently open but with a caveat.

Businesses and entrepreneurs can submit an entry now but submissions will only open in mid-January. Submissions close on 30th April 2024.

“This is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on quantum technology and its potential impact on our society. Partnering with an industry leader like BMW Group enables us to mature the technology as we need to bridge the gap between scientific exploration and its potential applications,” VP of central research and technology at Airbus, Isabell Gradert, said in a statement.

“We’re seeking the best-in-class students, PhDs, academics, researchers, start-ups, companies, or professionals in the field, worldwide to join our challenge to create a massive paradigm shift in the way aircraft are built and flown,” she continued.

The Quantum Mobility Quest – as the competition has been dubbed – is hosted by The Quantum Insider and has been divided into two phases. The first phase spans four months where participants will develop a theoretical framework for one of the statements highlighted above. Thereafter, participants will enter the second phase during which participants will benchmark their solutions.

Ultimately, winners will be selected by a jury of “quantum experts” alongside experts from Airbus, BMW Group, and AWS. One team will win a €30 000 prize in each of the five challenges, by the end of 2024.

“Following the success of previous editions of Quantum Computing Challenges by BMW Group and Airbus, we are gearing up for a new wave of innovation, exploring the technology capabilities for sustainability and operational excellence.” said Dr. Peter Lehnert, VP, Research Technologies at BMW Group.

“The BMW Group is clearly aiming at positioning itself at the crossroads of quantum technology, the global ecosystem, and cutting-edge solutions. By doing so, we strongly believe in major advances when it comes to sustainable materials for batteries and fuel cells, to generate unique and efficient designs, or to enhance the overall user experience in the BMW Group Products,” he concluded.


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