Dissecting our AI in Business Survey

Over the last month and a bit we’ve conducted a survey to gauge how the average worker feels about artificial intelligence (AI) and how the company they work for is implementing the technology.

We polled 219 Hypertext readers about a variety of topics from what platform’s they’re using, if they’re using AI, and how that is translating into their day-to-day work? Our readers are bullish about AI and what it is capable of, but opinions are split as to whether the technology will fully replace their job.

The survey data also inspires a number of tangents about what we mean when we discuss AI, whether the technology we have right now is really artificial intelligence, and why lawmakers are taking so long to acknowledge the pitfalls of this pervasive technology.

Keep an eye out for the next Hypertext Survey if you want to help us gain a better understanding of the public’s perception of technology both new and old.

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