EcoFlow launches power station sale just in time for load reduction

  • EcoFlow has launched its mid-year discount sale for its power stations and solar energy solutions.
  • The biggest deal of the lot is for the RIVER Pro and a 160W portable solar panel at 55 percent off at R9 999.
  • A host of its products are now seeing discounts, just in time for rolling blackouts for Johannesburg residents.

As rolling blackouts and unplanned power outages once again grip Johannesburg, this time stemming from infrastructure deficiencies from City Power, those looking for portable energy solutions at more affordable prices can check out a newly launched mid-year sale from EcoFlow.

The sale kicks off on Friday 14th June 2024 and runs through to 28th June, with discounts across EceFlow’s most popular power stations and products. Officially, the company says that it is launching the sale in correlation with the 2024 UEFA European football championship.

EcoFlow says that exclusive deals during the sale included products themselves but also combos. Some of these combos include:

  • RIVER Pro and 160W Portable Solar Panel – This combo was originally priced at R21 998, but with the 55 percent discount this combo is now priced at R9 999. This is probably the best deal of the lot.
  • DELTA 2 Max and 400W Portable Solar Panel – Originally priced at R46 998, this combo is now available with a 36 percent discount, reducing the price to R29 999. We gave the DELTA 2 a perfect score in our review of the device.
  • DELTA Pro and 400W Portable Solar Panel – Originally sold at R80 998, this combo is now priced at R53 999, with a 33 percent discount during the sale. EcoFlow says that the DELTA Pro is the most-powerful portable power station that it offers in South Africa. It boasts a 2016Wh capacity.

“Portable power stations are an effective solution during times of loadshedding. As loadshedding is mitigated, portable power stations have gradually become a home essential that helps reduce energy bills and promote a greener and more sustainable lifestyle,” EcoFlow explains.

Indeed, as loadshedding has been reduced by Eskom, nearing almost 100 days without rolling blackouts, these power stations slowly become less and less important for the South African household. However as even Eskom will say that the spectre of loadshedding is not yet truly exorcised, you never quite know when you could need a portable power station again.

“We are excited to bring our Mid-Year Sale to South Africa, particularly during such a vibrant time as the UEFA tournament,” said Bradley Chetty, B2C Sales director at EcoFlow South Africa.

“Our products are designed to provide reliable power solutions, helping our customers stay connected and entertained, while also promoting sustainability and saving energy costs”

To explore the full range of EcoFlow’s products and to check out the combos on sale, click here.

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