HONOR unveils latest AI features heading to smartphones

  • HONOR has showcased two new generative AI features heading to its smartphones.
  • These include one to automatically lower eyestrain and one to detect deepfakes when they come on-screen.
  • The company has yet to reveal when these and future AI features will hit its smartphones.

Between Apple Intelligence and Galaxy AI, the race for generative AI features on smartphones is getting hot. Not to be left too far behind, Chinese manufacturer HONOR has also been building a nice little seat on the wagon for itself especially in what it defines as the four layers to generative AI.

At its showcase during MWC in Shanghai on Wednesday, HONOR unveiled what it’s been working on as it debuts two new generative AI features aimed at smartphones. The company has decided to tackle different areas of the new technology as Samsung focuses on communication and Apple hogs ChatGPT-like accessibility.

HONOR smartphones instead will soon feature a way to detect AI deepfakes and an AI-powered simulated defocus eye protection system. According to HONOR, as per an Android Authority report, both features are made to run with on-device AI.

The first feature is called AI Defocus Eye Protection, with HONOR suggesting that it will work similar to how defocus glasses work. This AI tool will automatically defocus the display on your smartphone, affecting the area in your peripheral vision.

Apparently, this will lower eyestrain for users – a marketing focus for the brand – and will feel like you’re wearing defocus glasses, that is, providing visual relief. HONOR claims that the feature can decrease temporary eye discomfort and blurriness by 13 degrees on average after reading for 25 minutes.

Users that read small text on their smartphones often will likely be able to enjoy this feature the most and honestly you probably won’t even notice that it is working in the background to make your visual experience a bit more comfortable.

The next feature stems from the modern trend of Deepfake technology and its use to scam people. HONOR says its AI Deepfake Detection feature can detect when a Deepfake is being displayed on your screen, either via a live video call or on any video playback.

HONOR says this specific tool was designed for users to combat the wave deepfakes and analyses frame-by-frame information to pick out a fraudulent clip. This includes details like eye contact, lighting, image clarity, and video playback.

The company says that the feature, or rather the AI that powers it, was trained on a large dataset of videos and images related to scams found online.

Finally, in terms of when these features will hit HONOR devices, the company did not say, but since they don’t seem too performance or CPU-intensive, they will likely roll out to most of the latest smartphones under the HONOR umbrella.


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