Lawsuit alleges Elon Musk engaged in disgusting behaviour at SpaceX

  • Eight former SpaceX employees have launched a lawsuit against Elon Musk in California.
  • The lawsuit alleges that Musk sexually harassed employees and then retaliated against those who spoke out.
  • Another report also alleges Musk had sexual relations with at least three women at SpaceX and asked one to have his children.

Out-of-touch billionaire Elon Musk is the face of Tesla, X, and SpaceX and a new lawsuit filed in California suggests the head of these firms shouldn’t be running them due to his behaviour in the office.

As reported by Bloomberg, eight SpaceX engineers on Tuesday launched a legal battle against Musk alleging sexual harassment and retaliation. The engineers claim that Musk knowingly and purposefully created an unwelcome hostile work environment, displaying sexual photos, memes, and commentary that demeaned women and the LGBTQ+ community.

The workers also claim that Musk fired them after they worked together on an open letter in 2022, voicing their concerns about Musk’s behaviour and the culture at SpaceX. The lawsuit further alleges that Musk was directly involved in the dismissal of the workers.

Further to this, there are allegations that Musk and other SpaceX executives participated in a video that mocks and makes light of sexual misconduct and banter. As reported by Bloomberg, the video included a scene in which one employee demonstrated the correct way to spank another employee.

However, SpaceX has previously denied that these employees were improperly fired and instead they violated company policies.

However, in a separate incident, Musk was accused of having a sexual relationship with a former SpaceX intern. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that Musk had sexual relationships with at least three women at SpaceX. One woman was reportedly propositioned multiple times to have Musk’s children and when she refused, she was denied a raise and Musk complained about her performance.

The WSJ reportedly has texts, emails and documents as well as interviews with 48 people to back up these claims.

These allegations are incredibly concerning and neither SpaceX nor Musk have commented on the lawsuits or allegations made this week.

In 2022, Musk was accused of propositioning a flight attendant contracted by SpaceX in 2016. The flight attendant alleged that Musk had exposed himself to her and offered her gifts to do more than massage him. After refusing, the flight attendant felt she was being singled out and pushed out of the company. She retained a lawyer and a settlement – which included a non-disclosure agreement – was reached.

After detailing the incident, Musk responded by taunting the flight attendant on Twitter. “But I have a challenge to this liar who claims their friend saw me ‘exposed’ – describe just one thing, anything at all (scars, tattoos, …) that isn’t known by the public. She won’t be able to do so, because it never happened,” the billionaire said in 2022.

Let’s see how this new lawsuit pans out and how Musk reacts to it.


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