Notorious hacker claims to have broken into Apple

  • Days after allegedly attacking AMD, notorious cybercriminal IntelBroker has leaked internal software claimed to be stolen from Apple.
  • They claim to have leaked the source codes of internal Apple tools used by employees.
  • Experts say that the leak won’t affect Apple customers but may prove to aid future hackers access Apple’s systems.

The notorious hacker known on the dark web as IntelBroker has struck again, days after allegedly stealing data from AMD. This time reports indicate that IntelBroker has managed to crack systems belonging to Apple and has managed to abscond with source codes of internal tools important for developers at the company.

IntelBroker has also been linked to a breach that leaked the personal data of members of the US House of Representatives, as well as to stealing sensitive data from Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency.

According to X account Dark Web Informer, which Forbes and others have cited as legitimate, IntelBroker has leaked the internal tools they have allegedly managed to steal from Apple on the dark web. These tools include AppleConnect-SSO, Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced and AppleMacroPlugin.

Per a Forbes report, what IntelBroker has actually leaked are not the source codes for internal developer tools, but rather “proprietary internal plugins and configurations” for the connection of “Apple proprietary authentication systems to Atlassian Jira and Confluence, for Single Sign On authentication within the Apple corporate network.”

Essentially, IntelBroker has leaked plugins that employees use to log into applications they use to collaborate when working on the Apple network, like Jira and Confluence.

While the cybersecurity experts that Forbes spoke with say that this alleged leak does not present any dangers to Apple customers right now, they could be exploited by threat actors to gain access to more Apple systems in the future.

Earlier this week AMD said it would be seeking help from law enforcement to investigate the alleged IntelBroker hack. At that time, the cybercriminal claimed that they had highly sensitive data including customer databases, upcoming product specifications and plans, internal financial figures, source code, firmware, and even staff information from AMD.

As for Apple, the Cupertino tech giant has yet to publically comment on the alleged breach. The company has long enjoyed a reputation for being secure from the likes of hackers and threat actors. To the point where its devices are believed to be unassailable.

Recent examples have thrown out these claims, as researchers in Asia discovered in February a specialised trojan horse that only affects iPhone devices and steals bank account details from users.

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