The Zebra ET40 & ET45 are business-first tablets. Here’s why

We recently introduced you Zebra Technologies but today let’s take a closer look at the Zebra ET40 and ET45 tablets and their specific features which make them so good for businesses of every size.  

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1. Your choice of features

Zebra takes pride in offering custom solutions to address various business challenges, and this commitment is evident in the features of the ET40 and ET45 tablets.

Both options provide flexibility when it comes to display size. You can choose between an 8-inch or a 10-inch display. The 8-inch screen is ideal for workers who need a more compact, easily maneuverable tablet. On the other hand, the 10-inch display offers a larger viewing area, allowing users to see everything on one screen without constantly switching between apps or zooming in and out.

Regardless of the size you choose, both options deliver a high-definition resolution of 1920 x1200 pixels and a brightness of 500 nits. Unlike some tablets designed for rugged work environments, Zebra doesn’t compromise on screen quality. These displays are protected by tough Corning Gorilla Glass, ensuring durability and longevity.

In terms of connectivity, the ET40 is Wi-Fi-only, while the ET45 adds cellular LTE (5G/3G/2G) to the Wi-Fi capabilities. If your work primarily takes place in smaller areas with strong internet infrastructure, the ET40 may suffice. However, if you need connectivity beyond company premises or in larger warehouses or outdoor settings, the ET45’s cellular capabilities become essential.

2. Business-class lifecycle

When companies incorporate the ET40 or ET45 tablet into their electronics fleet, they can count on long-lasting performance. Zebra ensures this through robust build quality, a six-year support period following the initial sales date, and continued availability of models for three years after purchase—ensuring replacements and ongoing support.

Zebra offers OneCare Essential and Select support services, that goes beyond standard warranties, providing comprehensive assistance, ongoing support, repairs, maintenance plans, and more—all tailored to meet company needs and budgets. Zebra’s “Peace-of-Mind Plans” allow companies to focus on their core work without worrying about device-related issues.

3. Mobility DNA

Zebra Technologies, as a mobile computing company, focuses on leveraging data to provide valuable insights, enhance enterprise security, and manage assets effectively. One of their key offerings is the Mobility DNA software suite, which is exclusively accessible when working with Zebra devices such as the ET40 and ET45 tablets.

What sets Mobility DNA apart is that the Mobility DNA Professional integrated solutions come pre-loaded and pre-licensed on these tablets. This not only streamlines the deployment process but also contributes to cost savings when budgeting for technology solutions.

For a detailed overview of what’s included in Mobility DNA Professional, you can explore further by clicking here. Additionally, those seeking even more advanced features can explore Enterprise licensing options. Zebra’s commitment to robust software solutions ensures that companies can focus on their core work without worrying about device management.

4. Return on investment

Zebra has engineered the ET40 and ET45 tablets for the highest return on investment possible. The tablets undergo rigorous testing, including extreme heat, sub-zero cold, and liquid exposure. Their robust build quality ensures longevity, even in challenging environments. 

The ET40 and ET45 tablets can be enhanced with accessories like the rugged boot, these accessories further protect the tablets and extend their usability.

Zebra’s commitment to durability, expert support, and accessory options makes the ET40 and ET45 tablets a solid investment for businesses.

5. Versatility and flexibility

The ET40 and ET45 tablets serve as versatile foundations for various business needs. The multiple accessory options and modular design allow the tablet to transform into precisely what a client needs. 

Built on the familiar Android operating system, these tablets are user friendly easy to use right out of the box. They are seamlessly integrated with external software offerings, enhancing their versatility. Don’t overlook the robust feature set included in the base models, such as the integrated scanner for efficient data capture, built-in NFC functionality for seamless communication, GPS on the ET45 for location-based services, and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication. 

In summary, Zebra’s tablets combine hardware flexibility with a powerful software foundation, making them adaptable to diverse business scenarios.


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