AI used to condense SA Constitution into 15 posts

  • Local non-profit We The People SA has leveraged the capabilities of generative AI for a project to celebrate 30 years of democracy in South Africa.
  • It has condensed the 4 675 word Bill of Rights into 15 concise posts on X.
  • It is “the world’s first Bill of Rights reimagined with contemporary local language to resonate with Gen Z.”

2024 marks 30 years of democracy in South Africa, with non-profit organisation We The People SA inspired by the milestone to connect young South Africans with the Constitution.

To that end it has leveraged technology in order to condense the Bill of Rights into a more digestible and relatable format. More specifically it took the 4 675 words contained within the Bill of Rights and refined them into 15 concise posts on X (formerly Twitter).

This has resulted in the creation of the #BillOfTweets thread on the social media platform, which in itself is a little odd given the lexicon of X no longer makes mention of tweets, but the intent behind the idea is still a commendable one.

“This is the world’s first Bill of Rights reimagined with contemporary local language to resonate with Gen Z,” We The People SA highlighted in a release sent to Hypertext.

“By translating the formal language of the Bill of Rights into contemporary slang and phrases, the campaign helps demystify important legal rights and protections, fostering a stronger connection between the youth and their constitutional rights. This increased awareness and understanding can empower young people to actively participate in democratic processes, advocate for their rights, and contribute to nation-building efforts,” added Mbali Baduza, CEO of We the People SA.

With there being a frenzied discourse on social media prior to the national elections only a few weeks ago, and division seemingly being sowed across the country, it will be interesting to see what kind of impact this initiative will have.

At the very least, it may help younger South Africans become more aware of what the Bill of Rights actually contains, as well as what is made available to them via the Constitution.

To find out more about the Bill of Rights via this new format, check out We The People SA’s X account here.


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