Cartoon Network and ERA set to teach kids how to recycle electronic junk

  • Cartoon Network Africa and the E-Waste Recycling Authority are working together to educate youngsters about ewaste.
  • Through promos and social media posts, the pair will teach children about the problems with ewaste and how to address those problems.
  • This forms part of Cartoon Network’s wider Climate Champions initiative.

Ewaste is a major problem around the world with 62 million tons of electronic waste being created in 2022, globally. This problem is only going to get worse and by 2030 we could be drowning in 82 million tons of electronic junk according to the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

If not disposed of correctly, electronic waste can leech dangerous chemicals into the ground, potentially contaminating ground water supplies. Not mention that old electronics can also pose a health risk to anybody who happens upon them.

In order to build a culture of properly disposing of and recycling technology, it’s best to start educating folks at a young age which is what the E-Waste Recycling Authority (ERA) and Cartoon Network Africa hope to do with a new initiative they call Cartoon Network’s Climate Champions.

Together, the pair will teach children about ewaste, the problems with it and how to address these problems through engaging stories told by beloved characters. This content will air on Cartoon Network but it extends into the real world as well.

Children can take up daily challenges that teach them how to properly care for electronics so that they last longer among other things. Not all challenges revolve around ewaste but that’s fine as the goal here is to help children understand why recycling and being environmentally conscious is a good thing.

One of the challenges that caught our eye tasked children with finding unused cellphones around their house. Not only could these be sold instead of decaying in a draw, but they can also be recycled at ERA’s ewaste drop-off and collection points.

“Understanding what happens to rubbish is good to learn from childhood. Technology is such a big part of kids’ lives these days and it’s crucial that they understand the importance of recycling e-waste from a young age,” says Ashley du Plooy, chief executive officer at ERA. “Electronics can have a second life – even broken toys with cables or batteries can be transformed into something new! That’s because they often have valuable materials. Recycling them correctly also safeguards the environment for future generations.”

Cartoon Network says that it will air promos that explain the issues around ewaste and how to get involved with addressing the growing problem. In addition, the channel will upload content weekly on its social channels, including YouTube.

“In our efforts to engage kids into climate action, the partnership with ERA is a vital addition to our Cartoon Network Climate Champions campaign, by combining Cartoon Network’s commitment to engaging storytelling with ERA’s expertise in e-waste management, we can reach kids on a platform they love while empower them to become environmental champions,” says Monika Oomen, VP of Brand, Communications, and Digital Content Strategy for Kids EMEA at Warner Bros. Discovery.

You can find out more about the Cartoon Network Climate Champions over on the official website, here.


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