Here’s why the HONOR 200 Series is art personified

Over the past three decades, we have witnessed massive shifts in the design of cellular devices. 

In 1992, Mitsubishi Electrics launched the first touch-screen device – which was a far cry from the touchscreen smartphones we know and love today. The IBM Simon was rectangular in shape with a large touchscreen and circular earpiece – a design that was quite bulky and utilitarian.

But since then, the design of smartphones has evolved into what they are today – large, sleek and thin devices, where the touchscreen takes up 99.9 percent of the screen and are packed with state-of-the-art features and streamlined for impressive performance. 

According to a study conducted by the Daily Mail, many users ranked the device’s aesthetics as their number one selling point. The study highlighted that colour, physical design, and, most importantly, the smartphone’s shape greatly influenced the purchasing decision. 

Why? Because smartphones, which have become a daily accessory, have also become synonymous with creative expression. These devices play a role in how people perceive others through its physical aesthetics. 

Between 2023 and 2024, global technology brand HONOR became a trailblazer in the smartphone industry, leading the pack with its AI-packed HONOR 90 Series and flagship Magic Series – becoming the fastest-growing smartphone brand in South Africa in 2023. 

As a brand at the forefront of innovative ideas, HONOR also emphasises the designs of the devices it creates, appealing to the tech-savvy and the fashion-forward.

Stepping up its game, HONOR has recently announced the upcoming launch of the all-new HONOR 200 Series — a range that offers top-notch performance thanks to Artificial Intelligence embedded within the devices and an outer aesthetic that’s hard not to stop and take a second look at. 

The HONOR 200 Series, which is made up of the HONOR 200 Lite 5G, the HONOR 200 5G, and the HONOR 200 Pro 5G, pays homage to nature, clean classical lines and neo-art that have been popularised by renowned Spanish architect Antoni Guadí, who once said, “Anything created by man is already in the great look of nature.”

Here’s three ways the HONOR 200 Series evokes tasteful art in its design:

The realm of new art

The HONOR 200 5G and HONOR 200 Pro 5G embody natural artistic aesthetics, featuring a dual-textured profile creating a visually stunning appearance and feel. Drawing inspiration from the wonders of nature, these smartphones recreate natural elements into flowing artistic forms.

Boasting a symmetrical regular rear camera design, HONOR pays homage to the patio windows of Casa Milà, showcasing a blend of organic geometric outlines with naturalism. 

But what sets these devices apart is that the HONOR 200 Pro’s profile displays an elegant S-shaped curve on the back, reminiscent of a twisting coastline, creating a natural and flowing scroll on the device. 

The HONOR 200 Lite on the otherhand showcases an ultra-slim design that blends minimalist aesthetics with sleek convenience. It measures just 6.78mm in thickness, ensuring users enjoy effortless handling.

Colours that stand out

The HONOR 200 Pro presents a delightful range of colour options inspired by natural scenes. Within this series, the HONOR 200 Pro stands out with two colours – Ocean Cyan, and Black. 

Adding to its visual appeal, the HONOR 200 Pro’s Ocean Cyan draws inspiration from the picture-perfect Maldives water, which exhibits a clear-as-mirror appearance and seamless transition between shades of blue and green.

The HONOR 200 is available in two picturesque colours, Moonlight White and Black. Moonlight White combines elegance and power, mimicking the pristine white waves of beaches. This colour choice replicates the silver-white texture that beautifully captures the flow of crashing white waves.

The HONOR 200 Lite offers a range of nouveau colour options , including Starry Blue and Midnight Black, catering to various preferences and styles. With its premium design and feel, the HONOR 200 Lite provides users with a combination of style and performance without breaking the bank.


The HONOR 200 Lite is already available for purchase at the nearest retailer or network provider for the exciting price of R9 999. The rest of the HONOR 200 Series will be launched in the upcoming weeks in the country. When you purchase the HONOR 200 Lite you will receive free gifts to the value of R2 499, including an HONOR SuperCharger plus the cable, a screen protector, free postal repair with pickup and delivery service, a three-year battery health protection warranty and a 180-day screen accident warranty, which excludes labour fees. Meanwhile HONOR 200 Pro and HONOR 200 will include free gifts to the value of R6 999.

For more information, please visit HONOR at https://www.honor.com/za/phones/honor-200/


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