Player feedback forces Bungie’s hand for Revenant

  • Bungie will take a different approach with Episode 2: Revenant following player criticism of the episodic model.
  • Episode 2 will have all story content available from the jump so that players can go through it at their own pace.
  • The remainder of Echoes will play out as normal but what happens with Episode 3 is still unclear.

Since Bungie embarked on its Seasonal model – now dubbed Episodes – players have moaned about the weekly time gate the model introduced. Essentially, players were left waiting for new story beats to be unlocked weekly.

That has persisted into Episodes with the first of these – Echoes – being received rather poorly by the community. Episodes are split into three Acts and between these acts, there is seemingly a lot of downtime as Echoes has now shown us. Essentially, for those who have played the story missions since the Episode launched, the last three weeks have been rather empty in terms of content.

On Tuesday evening during a developer livestream, Bungie announced it was taking a different approach for Episode 2, known as Revenant. When this Episode launches later this year, all story missions will be accessible from the jump.

“Our goal is to give players an opportunity to play at their own pace. We’ll be monitoring feedback when these changes go live,” the developer said.

To be clear, Echoes will continue in the way it has with new story missions being unlocked every week.

But what isn’t clear is whether this move will also remove time gates for other content within an Episode. For example, past Exotic missions that launched alongside Seasonal content were generally time gated by way of locking progress toward the catalyst and fully upgrading the weapon behind weekly missions.

The way Bungie has worded this announcement appears to deal exclusively with story content so it remains to be seen if Revenant abolishes all time gates.

We hope that when Bungie says it will release all story beats at once this includes those sorts of missions as those are perhaps the biggest source of complaints about timegating.

As for the rest of Echoes, there is a new Battlegrounds activity arriving next week with Act 2 that will unfold across three different iterations. The goal of these activities will be to uncover what is happening at Nessus’ core which sounds interesting despite a return to Battlegrounds. Bungie describes these as more like Strikes but given that Battleground now form part of the Vanguard playlist, that doesn’t mean all that much to us.

Perhaps the only thing we’re excited for is the return of Saint-14’s iconic shotgun, Perfect Paradox which will arrive alongside some new Vex-themed weapons. The Solstice event will also be returning alongside Act 2 of Echoes next week so this should help to bump up player numbers.

Bungie almost needs to remove the story time gate to escape accusations that Episodes don’t really differ from Seasons at all in their core structure. Of course, players could just do all of the story content and not return until Act 3. Let’s see how this shakes out.


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