Showmax hikes prices for all packages but one

  • Showmax has announced that all but its Premier League Mobile package will be increasing in price.
  • Showmax Premier League Mobile and Entertainment for all devices will be increasing in price from R99 to R140 which is the biggest increase.
  • These new prices come into effect in August.

Earlier this year Showmax went on a rebranding excercise and launched Showmax 2.0. While this sounds like an upgrade, compared to the previous version of the streaming platform which featured news and a variety of sports, Showmax 2.0 was rather weak. This was mainly down to Showmax’s sports offering being parred down to solely the Premier League and viewing restricted to mobile.

At the very least, Showmax 2.0 had slightly cheaper prices than the original iteration. Now though, there is a price increase on the cards.

The only package that won’t be getting an increase is the Premier League Mobile package which will remain at R69. The price changes follow below.

Showmax PackageOld PriceNew Price
Showmax EntertainmentR89R99
Showmax Entertainment MobileR39R45
Showmax Premier League MobileR69R69
Showmax Premier League Mobile + EntertainmentR99R140
Showmax Premier League Mobile + Entertainment MobileR99

There is a new subscription tier in the Showmax Premier League Mobile + Entertainment Mobile package which, while possible to get when signing up, wasn’t explicitly advertised.

“Pricing is something that all businesses have to review regularly, and we launched with attractive pricing on the new Showmax platform. We are thrilled that we’ve been able to keep Showmax Premier League and bundled Showmax plans unchanged, bringing all 380 Premier League matches to millions of football fans in Africa and continuing to focus on making streaming affordable and effortless,” says Showmax’s chief executive officer Marc Jury.

These new prices come into effect in August so make note of these increases.

While Showmax frames the increased price of the Entertainment bundle as being the same as it was in 2015, when the platform launched, it still feels bad to see a price increase mere months after it was lowered.

With that having been said, Showmax does host a variety of local content and it’s also the best way to watch HBO content so we suspect folks will continue to subscribe until the prices get out of control.


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