SPEEDRUN – Grocery inflation outpaces wage increases

If everything feels like it is getting more expensive, that’s because it is. Last week we looked at how far R500 could get you when purchasing everyday groceries from popular local delivery apps, and this week we looked at grocery inflation.

In particular comparison the cost of identical items purchased three years ago to now, and the results are quite concerning. So much so that by out calculations, grocery inflation is easy outpacing the increases to salaries and wages.

“We went as far back as possible to see what a ‘budget’ basket of items we purchased in 2021 would cost today. The bad news is that everything has gone up in price and our basket costs R117 more than it did three years ago,” wrote Brendyn Lotz.

As such, it begs the question as to how South Africans can truly be asked to take on more costs.

Along with the inflation of groceries, for this morning’s edition of the SPEEDRUN, we have curated stories including the local opening of the Museum of Illusions, system outages at Eskom and City Power, abuse of power at SABC+, and strikes impacting Gautrain.

[Image – Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash]


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