Spotify hosting Powered by Music event for local gamers this weekend

  • Spotify recently revealed its Powered by Music playlist on the streaming platform.
  • The playlist is interactive and focused on the gaming community of Spotify.
  • As part of its local activations, Spotify is hosting an event for gamers on 13th July.

This week Spotify announced its Powered by Music interactive playlist, with it specifically aimed at engaging with a growing gaming community on the music streaming platform.

According to Spotify, the playlist will allow gamers to, “Influence and customize their in-game music experience; adding their favorite tracks to the playlist; creating a collaborative and ever-evolving collection of music preferences that reflect their individual tastes.”

“This playlist not only enhances the gaming experience but also provides a platform for emerging artists to reach a broader audience. By featuring their music on the playlist curated by and for gamers, musicians can connect with a passionate and engaged listener base,” it added in a release shared with Hypertext.

To mark the launch of the playlist, as well as offer up something for local gamers, Spotify is also holding an event this weekend. More specifically it is hosting an event at Melrose Arch on 13th July, which starts at 13:00.

“The event is expected to attract gamers and music lovers from across Johannesburg. There will be live DJ performances, and interactive gaming experiences at the event to mark a significant step in celebrating the fusion between gaming and music, demonstrating how music can elevate gaming to new heights,” Spotify highlighted.

“Music and gaming have always gone hand-in-hand, each amplifying the other to create unforgettable experiences. With the ‘Powered by Music’ playlist, we’re giving gamers the power to shape their own soundscape, making their gaming sessions even more personal and engaging,” enthused Spotify’s head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu.

Unpacking some interesting statistics regarding gaming-focused playlists on Spotify, the platform notes that the five most added songs are:

Arcane, Imagine Dragons, JID, League of LegendsEnemy (with JID) – from the series Arcane League of Legends
Against The Current, League of LegendsLegends Never Die
Eminem, Juice WRLDGodzilla (feat. Juice WRLD)
KordhellMurder in my mind
Sleepy Hallow2055

As for the top five added artists over the past 12 months, they are:

Ahead of this weekend’s local event, Spotify is calling on the gaming community to get involved.

“Gamers and music lovers are invited to contribute to the ‘Powered by Music’ playlist and be part of this exciting fusion of gaming and music. To participate, users simply need to follow the playlist on Spotify, start adding their favorite tracks, and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #PoweredbyMusic,” it concluded.

[Image – Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash]


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