Xbox Game Pass subscribers in SA to see steep price increases

  • Xbox has updated its pricing for its Game Pass subscriptions, with the highest increase coming to Game Pass Core.
  • Game Pass Console has been replaced by Game Pass Standard, a new subscription at ~R271 a month.
  • South Africa is among the few markets chosen by Microsoft to receive the most subscription price hikes.

Seeing as the Xbox Game Pass is the only thing really making any money for that dusty closet in the far corner, ie. the Xbox arm of Microsoft, of course a price increase was in the cards, but what we may not have been expecting was a major shakeup of the service’s subscription tiers.

Without any prior official announcement, Microsoft has imposed today price changes for new members for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Core and PC Game Pass tiers, and has decided to kill Game Pass for Console. Making the tier no longer available for new users.

Microsoft outlines today’s changes in a blog post, where it also details the new tier that will be replacing Game Pass for Console – Game Pass Standard. The post was published following a story from Windows Central, which broke the news after speaking with the Redmond tech giant.

Price changes for Xbox Game Pass subscribers explained:

Starting on 10th July 2024, Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass and the 12-month subscription of Game Pass Core will all be getting more expensive for new subscribers only. Existing subscribers will feel the hike from 12th September 2024.

South African Game Pass Core subscribers are out of luck, as subscribers for 1-month, 3-month and 6-month, as well as 12-month plans will all see price hikes. They join unlucky gamers in Argentina, India and Turkey which are all seeing these increases.

Game Pass Ultimate is moving from R129 to R199 per month, while Game Pass Core is moving from R479 for 12 months to R799, which is a major increase of almost double. South Africans will also enjoy a hike to R99 for 1 month Core subscriptions, R249 for 3-month and R399 for 6-months which was close to the previous yearly price.

Meanwhile, PC Game Pass is moving from R79 (potentially the most affordable game subscription out there) to R119, which is a bit more expensive.

New users will no longer be able to subscribe to Xbox Game pass for Console, but if you are already subscribed via monthly debit order you will continue to be subscribed, without any changes to your setup really.

The changes come for new subscribers, as the tier will no longer exist. Instead it has been replaced by Xbox Game Pass Standard – “We created Game Pass to offer players more choice in how they discover and play games. That includes offering different prices and plans, so players can find what works best for them,” Microsoft explains.

Differences in the offers for the three Game Pass tiers.

Pricing for Game Pass Standard starts at $15 per month, or ~R271, with Microsoft saying that the price may vary depending on the market. Game Pass Ultimate remains the most complete offer.


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