Xiaomi solved automated cleaning with a pit stop for your Robot Vacuum

When it comes to simplifying your life, very few devices are truly automated. The dishwasher still needs to be loaded and unloaded, the coffee maker really doesn’t live up to its name of actually going from bean to finished cup of caffeine on its own, and don’t even get us started on the endless broken promises of self-driving cars.

Even the robot vacuum cleaner – which promised to finally automate cleaning at home, school, and at work – still asks you to get your hands dirty to do tasks like emptying the vacuum tray, refilling the water (if the model is even advanced enough to also mop) and helping it along when it inevitably gets stuck on a carpet or drives itself off of some stairs.

Thankfully Xiaomi is here with the solution in the form of the All-In-One Smart Base Station on their two new models now available in South Africa – the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ and Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+.

Think of these Base Stations like robotic pit crews to keep your Robot Vacuum clean, charged, filled up with water for mopping and free of debris in the dust trays. Instead of the classic team of mechanics highly-trained people swarming around a racing car, it’s a series of highly-precise mechanisms and pumps that work silently and accurately without you seeing or hearing a peep.

The Base Stations even clean the mop pads that the Robot Vacuums use to give your floors a proper clean. Even those who like to clean will attest to the unenviable job of making sure the mop is fresh for the next use. Now that job is passed on to the robots so you don’t have to deal with it.

Xiaomi hasn’t just innovated with the Base Stations to make robot vacuuming even more autonomous. These Robot Vacuums by themselves impress with laser navigation and a suite of sensors that can map out an entire house giving you the ability, through the powerful Mi Home App, to set up exactly how you want the cleaning to go – room by room.

Xiaomi has also integrated AI into their machines. S-Cross AI by Xiaomi is a new level of 3D obstacle recognition with precision done to the millimetre. These Robot Vacuums aren’t just avoiding pieces of large furniture, ladies and gentlemen, they’re detecting tiny charging cables, errant lone socks and even the corners of carpets so that the mop water won’t wet them – that’s how precise robot vision has become in these tiny and advanced machines.

And, of course, no matter which model you choose, the cleaning potential is unmatched.

With the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ the actual vacuuming is handled by a powerful 4 000 Pa suction fan. When it comes time to mop a pair of dual-pad pressure mop heads rotate at up to 180 RPM with three water volumes and variable pressures to suit any kind of floor allowing you to automatically clean even stubborn materials like coffee or mud. Powering this is a battery that can go for up to two hours.

Looking at the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+ and it increases the suction power to a monstrous 6 000 Pa. This is so powerful that Xiaomi considers it less of a “vacuum” and more of a “mobile dust collector” given its ability to suck up even large particles inside of corners and gaps. The mopping experience is equally strong with returning 180 RMP mod heads and even the ability to life these heads off of the ground, avoiding carpets and giving the Robot Vacuum and easier way to return to the Base Station so that they can be cleaned, should the mop heads become too dirty,

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ and Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+ are both available from TakealotYuppiechefGameIncredibleTafelberg, and @home via Bash.  

Take some time to check out the full range of accessories and replacement parts to truly kit out your new robot worker.


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