The LG G4 Family: Getting Creative

Have fun with all the phones in the G4 Family. From manual photographic capabilities to next-level note-taking, it’s all there and more.

[ZA Tech Show] A long time coming

It’s been five months since we did this, but back by popular demand, Brettski and Steven Ambrose get together to speak about WeChat Wallet, the state of the local Internet and their favourite products of the year.

The LG G4: A sleek & smart design

First, you get the dream phone. You peel off the protective back and front films only to realise that you’re going to have to put it in a protective case. All of a sudden, your slim and stylish smartphone has turned into something of industrial-like proportions. If only you didn’t need a cover. The question […]

The LG G4: Visuals to die for

With all of the focus given to the processing power, memory and camera resolution of today’s smartphones, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these are the only things you should consider when selecting your next companion device. Ironically though, the one part of the smartphone you interact with at all times (regardless of what feature […]