22nd February 2024 12:09 pm
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Diablo III expansion announced at Gamescom

Despite the multitude of criticisms levelled against it by long-time fans of the Diablo series, clearly enough people bought Diablo III to warrant an expansion. It’s going to be called Reaper of Souls and apparently the game will feature a new class, a new act, a new villain and a new level cap of 70.

This all came out at the Gamescom conference currently underway in Cologne, Germany, as reported by US website, Gamespot. In addition to getting an all-new character class, The Crusader, all of the existing classes will get new skills , abilities and runes too, which means the game’s balance has probably been tweaked, a move that could potentially iron out any remaining issues for players of the original game (but which will more likely break things and inspire a new wave of complaining).

Reaper of Souls will apparently be set in a darker, more Gothic setting, a move that is possibly a response to the criticism that Diablo III’s colour palette was a little too ‘World of Warcraft’. Blizzard did not indicate a release date, however, but if you’re a betting person, “late 2014” is probably a reasonable guesstimate.

Blizzard created a teaser site about the expansion; head on over for more info, or click the video below for a sneak peek of in-game footage starring the Crusader.

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